Terms & Conditions

Please note that due to all items being completely handcrafted and unique, they will not be exact duplicates of the ones seen in the photos, but will still have a very high degree of similarity. 

Imperfections and uneven design are a part of Mokosh Jewels signature in most collections. 

Finishes like gold plating, patinas, matte, oxidation etc. wear off with time and are considered as customer wear & tear. 

The rate at which the finishes diminish, depends on overall wear.

All of the mentioned finishes can be re-applied.  Refinishing is possible for free in the first year of purchase and after that, there’s are small charge to cover the materials.

If any harm should come to your beloved piece and it gets damaged, even if it is your fault, get in touch and if it is possible, I will restore it to its original brilliance. This goes for re-polishing, replacing stones, re-texturing, etc.

Do not do the washing up, make-up and cooking with your rings on, or expect dirt in all the minute fissures. Put on the perfume before a gold plated necklace.

Silver will tarnish in time and with some customers even faster because of their skin chemistry. 

Please make sure you provide a correct ring size. Resizing the ring is an option, but the customer is expected to cover the expenses when the mistake happened on their part.Please be aware that this will normally incur a minimum charge of 20€, depending on the process required.

Most of the items are made to be worn everyday, due to their comfort and durable design. Nevertheless, the purchaser is responsible for the artifact to be handled with care. Thus it will last longer in the original state. However, if anything happens to your precious, get on contact and I will do everything in my power to make it shine again. At the end of the day, I want you to enjoy your piece forever and nothing makes me happier.