Eva Po┼żenel, an industrial designer and singer, creating under the jewellery brand Mokosh Jewels.

Fine detail,  rich texture, playfulness and quirkiness, blended with sophistication, grace and indispensable comfort are the trademarks of Mokosh Jewels.

The unique pieces range from minimalist, clear and logical to abundant, organic and imperfect, visibly handmade structures.

They come to light in fresh, often eclectic and vibrant designs, paying homage to time-honoured shapes with a modern spin.

Jewellery is timeless and attractive from the dawn of man. It is a part of our collective human imprint, our search of beauty and the individual's need of self expression. 

Mokosh is a Slavic goddess of fertility, protector of women and their destinies. In the Slavic pantheon, she is responsible for spinning, weaving and knitting, which are tightly connected to goddesses of fate in various mythologies.